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Dermal & Lip Fillers

Dermal, Cheek & Lip Fillers

Juvederm . Restylane . Emervel . Belotero . Radiesse

Alison's experience in these treatments means that she can instantly lift your lines and make your face look more open and refreshed by smoothing out shadows and lines using long lasting, high quality and reversible dermal fillers. Alison has attended numerous master-classes and has a huge amount of experience and training in using dermal fillers in may different ways.

Da Vinci Treatments - Instant Transformation 

Alison uses her experience and artistic eye to map and measure your face to ensure you have a natural beautiful look. Most dermal fillers used at Alison Taylor Medical Cosmetics are hyaluronic based and the safest and best temporary fillers which can last 6 ñ 24 months depending on depth and area.

It is also possible to perform a "liquid face-lift" using longer lasting collagen stimulating fillers which give a subtle but amazing fresh look - ask to see before and after photos of real treatments carried out.

Alison has carried out thousands of treatments using all of the best brands of fillers. Regular and frequent training is updated and certified for your inspection.

Lines from nose to mouth

Instantly reduce shadows and folds to give your face a younger fresher look.

Cheeks, temples, jowls

Often, with time, our cheeks lose volume and make us look tired and a bit drawn. By gently uplifting the cheeks, the lines and shadows reduce and give your face a youthful shape again. Temple volume loss is a telling sign of ageing and the jowls can be re-defined using fillers

Lip Treatments 

Less is More

For fuller, natural lips, or re-shaping lips for a more attractive smile.

Alison has carried out many hundreds of lip treatments and you can be assured of her experience, sensitivity and cautious approach, giving you confidence in a happy result. Top ups are easily arranged to help you build confidence in the treatment.

There are options for you to try if you are unsure - it is better to be cautious. 

A lighter option is Belotero Balance for lips as a light, fine filler for redefinition. 

For an effective lip volumiser with amazing results try Emervel Lip

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"I was worried before the treatment, but I really wanted my lips to look younger - and I'm so pleased with my sexy lips now"

- Katherine, Cheltenham

Dermal Fillers After Care Information