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Facial Lines

Facial lines are the most common concern people have as they get older. A natural part of ageing, it is the result of time and internal and external factors. Read More about Ageing here

Lines can be treated directly by lifting them with dermal fillers or by relaxing the muscles beneath them with Botulinum treatments ("Botox"). 

Collagen production slows as we get older and collagen is the protein chain which makes our skin heal and stretch as well as giving a radiance, plumpness and firmness. Almost all cosmetic treatments are concerned with improving collagen stimulation and so producing a natural youthfulness once more.

Improving skin texture and condition also reduces lines over time along with clinical skin care including Neostrata, Aestheticare, Heliocare, Retriderm

Treatment for Facial Lines:


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"My frown lines made me look so serious, people thought I was angry all the time - now I know I look as happy as I feel"

- Katherine, Cheltenham