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Facial Thread Veins

Advanced electrolysis is a quick and effective treatment to remove unsightly facial thread veins. A medical procedure which through the use of a small electrical current cauterises the small blood vessels and so reducing the appearance.

These often occur especially around the nose and cheek areas. It can be hereditary, harsh weather exposure, sun damage, ageing. The micro-circulation of the skin becomes visible and can be distressing as it appears as if the complexion is ruddy. Again, don't put up with them as treatment is quick and effective.

Down time: A reddened area which must be treated as would a burn - it may blister or scab slightly, leaving a red mark which will then fade over the next two weeks.

After care: you will be provided with an after care pack and advice

Price per session £95


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"They disappeared immediately"

- Tina, Cheltenham