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Laser Hair Removal 

After Care

Laser Hair Removal Consultation - What to Expect 

 A consultation and patch test is required at least 48 hours before initial treatment to ensure safe treatments. 

Laser is an effective method of hair removal. It works by damaging the hair follicle in its growth stage (about 1 week in 3) and this hair will be permanently removed. 

 A commitment is needed to stay out of the sun for the duration of the treatment process as sun exposure increases the risk of adverse events (including sun burn). 

A laser hair removal consultation will include an opportunity to fully discuss the treatment and the expected results. A health check will be carried out and a Patch test (3 test light pulses) will be performed on an unexposed area of skin.

Laser Hair Removal is not for everyone.... 

There are some restrictions in Laser treatment. 

As it is a powerful light treatment, some conditions and medications can increase the risk of adverse effects 

 Do NOT have Laser Hair Removal if you say yes to any of the following 

 • Pregnant / breast feeding / trying to conceive 

• Have recently had sun exposure in last 2 weeks, including sun bathing, sun bed, fake tan 

• Take certain medications which increase photo-sensitivity 

• Have epilepsy 

• Have a tattoo or semi-permanent make up in the treatment area (although some may be protected) 

• Roaccutane or Isotretinoin in last 12 months 

• Cold sores / herpes in treatment area 

• Implants - pacemaker, insulin pump etc 

• Active infection in treatment area 

• Very dark skin

Laser Hair Removal 

Laser Treatment Treatments can take as little as 5 minutes for small areas or 50 minutes for larger areas. 

Protective eye wear is required during each treatment (provided). 

There is no "down time" and it is possible to return to your normal working day straight away. 

 The treatments cause minimal discomfort but caution has to be taken in assessment and treatment by both operator and client. 

 A course of treatments are necessary to ensure that each hair follicle is treated twice during its growing phase. 

 These treatments are usually one to two months apart depending on area treated

Before Laser Hair Removal 

• Ensure the hair at the area to be treated is no longer than 1mm by shaving prior to the appointment as the hair needs to be as short as possible for      effective treatment 

• Do not use depilatory creams or bleach hair in treatment area 

• Do not use fake tan for 7 days prior to your appointment 

• Do not wax or thread the area to be treated for the duration of the treatment 

After your Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

• Any exposed treated skin should have SPF 50 sun cream even if it is not sunny and the skin will be photosensitive during the treatment process 

• Do NOT sunbathe, go on tanning beds any time during the treatment process. If there is sun exposure, treatment should be ceased for 2 WEEKS. 

These breaks in treatment can effect the final outcome of treatment and clients will be asked to sign at each and every treatment to confirm that no sun exposure of the treatment area has taken place 

• Avoid Heat treatments such as saunas, steam rooms for a minimum of 24 hours after treatments 

You will not see a difference in hair growth until several treatments as the hair stops growing and is difficult to notice at times. 

Once the area has been treated, the hair will shed naturally after a few days or weeks.


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