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Less is more is the philosophy -  better to be cautious

Lip treatments are on the increase but are also the subject of most media scare stories.

Your lips are very important. Natural lips are much more attractive and so having your lips treated calls for subtle, skilful discretion using the best fillers and the best, latest techniques.

Our lips change as we get older. As our skin slowly sinks downwards, our lips thin out and the red part of our lips reduces, sometimes disappears. The distance from nose to lip increases and our gums recede making our mouths smaller. 

Also, with a drop in oestrogen, lip lines appear even if we haven't been smoking. It is due again to volume loss, collagen loss and natural ageing. 

Alison will assess your mouth shape, teeth and profile before suggesting a lip treatment which will give the look you want. 

Increase "pout"

Reduce lines and re-define

Upturn corners


Plump up gently


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"I was scared but Alison has treated all my friends and they are delighted - they are amazing"

- Katherine, Cheltenham

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