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Boost your own collagen.

Did you know that when cream is applied to the skin, no matter how good it is, you only absorb 7% of its active ingredients?

With skin rolling, this is increased to 80%. Tighter pores, radiant smooth skin can be acheived naturally and gradually for long lasting effects

Dermaroller infomation

Dermarolling helps the following conditions:

  • Anti Wrinkle treatment for face, neck, chest, hands
  • Scar reduction treatment
  • Skin Pigmentation treatment
  • Skin toning and smoothing

Although it sounds worse than it is, home skin rolling only tricks the skin into thinking it's been injured. In reality, the micro-needling has barely perceptible needles of only 0.2 or 0.3mm. This feels just tingly but the number of tiny prickles is enough for the wound healing process to start. Wound healing is a complex biological process in which collagen and elastin are produced rapidly and this repairs wrinkles and uneven skin.

How it works - Collagen Stimulation Therapy

As we get older, our collagen reduces (collagen keeps the skin plump) but we retain the ability to make more collagen through wound healing. It is this micro needling wound which boosts the skin into action, making fresh plump collagen and refreshing your complexion. There are about 200 fine medical grade micro needles on a roller. When the roller is passed over the skin, it causes tiny punctures in the skin creating micro-channels. Within two hours, the skin will have started healing by producing healthy collagen underneath its surface. The hole will have closed and the skin will appear fresher. The puncture also aids absorbtion of nutrients in clinical skin care including enzymes, vitamins and lipids which enhamce the skin healing which makes it produce collagen and elastin rapidly.

By continuously triggering the skins natural healing reasponse this way, your skin constantly produces collagen and elastin needed to help restore and helps smooth imperfections and increases skin plumpness.

Combined with the addition of pure active nutrients, your skin will be lapping up the goodness and renewing itself naturally.

Clinical Treatments and Home treatments

Micro-Needling (Micro-needling Dermaroller) are now becoming the fastest growing cosmetic procedure and huge successes in rejuvenating and smoothing the skin, reducing scars.

Clinical Treatments involve 1 hours treatment in clinically clean conidtions for a fast track collagen boost. A roller with longer micro needles are used which causes an intial injuring of the face, neck and chest skin. The micro needles are from 0.5 - 1.5mm and the aim is to stimulate the deeper layers of the dermis for an effective respopnse.

Treatments should be repeated up to 3 times in 3 months for a visible difference in skin tone and texture. The difference between this and other clinic treatments is this uses your own natural body responses and so the effects last much longer. Topical nutirents are applied and serums to promote collagen growth and expansion under the skin are applied and included in home care packs.

EDS Micro-needling by Genuine Dermaroller

A quick and more comfortable treatment as it is less traumatic, with a faster recovery and results.

With faster, amazing results. skin needling is taking over laser treatments as it does not have the risks or downtime attached. You can literally go back to your usual day straight after a treatment. Full face, neck, chest and hands can be treated for the price of one area.

Home Treatments

With your own roller kit , you can continue to plump your own skin as part of your night itme routine. Just 5 minutes of quick rolling over the skin three to four times a week with your home roller, your skin will feel instantly tingly and alive, receptive to the fantastic quality home care products which will enhamce your skin as you sleep. Your skin will look brighter and fresher instantly and will continue to gradually smooth and glow as time goes on.

What is skin needling?

Skin needling is a CIT treatment (Collagen Induction Therapy). By penetrating under the skin, the body believes an injury has taken place and reactes with a healing response, growing fresh new collagen and plumping the skin.

What can be treated?

Full face neck, chest and hands. 

How does it work?

As we get older, the collagen in our skin becomes bound and tangly resulting in wrinkles. We aslo produce less. By needling the skin, our bodies collagebn synthesis system is boosted in a safe and low risk way so that the body can make fresh collagen.Thsi results in plumper firmer skin. Stretch marks fade and scars flatten and smooth out as the collagen is re- alligned. It takes about 5-7 weeks for the collagen to fully form as itís a slow natural process but you will feel the benefits straight away

Whats involved?

An appointment lasts just over an hour. You have a full assessment and then a topical cream is applied to your face or whichever area is being treated. This stays on for about 30 munutes while you enjoy a cup of coffee with Alison. Then the treatment takes about 15 minutes and you will be able to chat all the way though. Various products are then applied to maximise the effects and minimise redness. SPF is applied also to stop the negative effects if the sun.

How many treatments are needed?

Usually at least 2 treatments are recommended. 


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"I've always had uneven skin and after two treatments, I can see a real difference"

- Sam, Cheltenham