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Price List

                                             Medical Treatments 

Please note that these prices are a guide only. Accurate pricing can only be established following a face to face consultation.

Some prices may vary depending on depth, product  and skill required and may be amended at any time

Easy Payments Direct Debit Scheme 

Simply pay what you can afford each month and we will take it off your bill once you've had your treatment! (from £25 per month)*

*Terms & conditions apply

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections 

Areas refer to either the frown lines, forehead or crows feet 

1 area                                                                              £159 

2 areas                                                                            £219     

3 areas                                                                            £289  

Extra area                                                                        £49 

Specialist areas: Neck Bands, Jowl lift                               £250

Excessive Sweating Treatment                                         £399      

Dermal Fillers

Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal , Emervel, Belotero & Radiesse 

Superficial lines                                                          £295    (Lip lines, fine lines) 

Medium Lines                                                             £295    (Nose to mouth lines, mouth lines, cheek lines) 

Deeper Folds                                                              £325    (for example deeper nose to mouth lines) 

Volume Loss                                                               £365   (Reshaping the cheek area or chin volume loss, deep folds)

Some dermal filler treatment prices may be varied according to depth, product and skill required

Lip Fillers

Redefine your lip shape, reduce lip lines, increase lip plumpness and rehydrate  

1ml                                                                          £295

Skin Tag, Mole, Facial Thread Vein Removal

Advanced Electrolysis - Quick and effective removal of skin lesions. Book a free consultation for an assessment. Repeat treatments may be required.                                                                   

Prices depend on number of lesions and anaesthetic used.    Thread Vein Removal from £95   Mole, Wart and Tag Removal from £149 

Endymed 3DEEP Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

 Course of 6 treatments (4 weekly and 2 fortnightly) 

Trial Session                          £49

Two areas (6)                        £499

Endymed Fractional Skin Resurfacing

Course of 3 at monthly intervals

EndyBLEPH Eyes & Lip lines: £799

Full Face, Neck, Eyes & Lips: £999 

Top up sessions every 6 months: £159


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"Reasonable prices - expert treatments"

- Polly, Cheltenham