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Price List

TreatmentGuide Price
These prices are a guide only. Consultation and assessment will enable full price details.
Please see Change your Skin Facial page for Facial Prices
Btx Wrinkle Relaxing Injections One Area£159
Btx Wrinkle Relaxing Injections Two Areas£219
Btx Wrinkle Relaxing Three Areas£289
Btx Jowl Lift / Neck Bands£250
Botox Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Under Arm Sweating)£399
Lip Filler 0.5ml£195
Lip Filler 1ml£295
Dermal Filler - Fine Lines 1ml£250
Dermal Filler - Medium Lines 1ml£295
Dermal Filler - Deeper Wrinkles 1ml£335
Dermal Filler - Facial Volume 1ml£345-£365
Micro-Needling 1 session£295
Dermalux LED Light Therapy 1 session£35
Dermalux LED Light Therapy Course of 3 sessions£99
Skin Tag / Milia / Moles / Thread Veins Removal£95 - £149


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