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From Square Jaw to Oval

In one simple treatment -  typically, a feminine jaw line has a gentle curved V or oval shape, which signifies youth. 

A strong, square jaw line can also be very attractive. However, if it becomes too pronounced, the face can appear masculine and cause problems of self-consciousness. An enlarged masseter muscle - the chewing muscle on the lower jaw, can cause a square jaw line. 

To find this muscle, place your fingers along the jaw line and clench your teeth repeatedly. You will feel the muscle contracting. (You will also notice the muscle in your temples contracting as well). This muscle can vary in size and symmetry in some individuals due to chewing on one side of the mouth more than the other . Causes can be habits and genetic history • Frequent and prolonged chewing of gum or tough foods like meat • Stress by grinding the teeth (often at night)  

Botox can be used to rectify this in a simple, quick procedure to produce a natural, symmetrical result to smooth the contour of the jaw line. This is a specialised treatment to reduce the width of the lower jaw line without surgery and no downtime. Botox is injected directly into the masseter muscle on both sides. There is a small risk of swelling or bruising but no real downtime. 

The effects may be seen as a gradual softening of the muscle after two weeks and a softening of the jaw line after about 6 weeks. Repeated treatments may produce a longer-term shrinkage in the muscle. Effects typically last 4-9 months depending on negative lifestyle habits (longevity of effects can be improved if refrain from chewing gum and tough foods and wear a mouth guard at night if teeth grinding is occurring at night). Repeated treatments will reduce the muscle further and extend the effects. Normal chewing and eating should not be affected.


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"I can't believe the difference! I look like I've lost weight as my face looks thinner!"

- Katherine, Cheltenham