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Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

"Alison is a Nurse & has been doing this full time for nearly 10 years "

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections (Botox / Azzalure)

The ever popular and effective wrinkle and frown line treatment. Alison has great experience and expertise in providing a subtle natural look to refresh and reduce frowns and lines.

With every facial expression, our facial skin moves with the underlying muscles. As we age, these lines remain after our emotion has changed and so we have a stern frown or tense look even when relaxed, or crow's feet even when not squinting. Botulinum injections safely relax these muscles and give a more relaxed expression. Also for excessive sweating treatments.

Alison is trained to an advanced level in administering Botulinum injections and has carried out thousands of treatments. She has a good reputation and prides herself in carrying out discreet treatments to give you the fresh open look without making it obvious.

A natural look is given with well placed injections so that you will know, but no one else will.

This treatment can only be administered by a registered nurse, doctor or dentist

Azzalure is a market leader in Botulinum Toxin Treatments

How does it work?

Botox is the leading trade name for the most popular cosmetic wrinkle treatments carried out in the UK. There are other brands which work in the same way (Azzalure and Dysport) but everyone knows the treatment as "Botox". It is used to temporarily relax lines and wrinkles formed between the eyes from frowning, forehead lines and crow's feet from squinting. It's also used to relieve migraine and Excessive Under Arm Sweating.

The Botulinum is a small protein chain which acts at the junction between nerve and muscle, stopping messages from getting through to make the muscle contract. Media hype has made this treatment sound much more scary than it actually is and a consultation with Alison will ensure you have all of the facts about the treatment. It is a simple, quick procedure (with a tiny discomfort as there is a small needle used) and no down time. 

Two areas currently £219

Dispel the myths and find out the facts with Alison 

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Excessive Under Arm Sweating - Hyperhidrosis 

Start wearing colours again without the anxiety caused by sweating under arms. The treatment starts working within a week and lasts 6-12 months. Life changing. The treatment takes about 45 minutes and involves tiny multiple injections just under the skin of both arm pits. No downtime, minimal discomfort with great rewards.

Price: £399 

100 units Botox (50 units each side)

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"No-one knows I have Botox as it looks so natural! My best kept secret. I love it"

- (The photo is not of Sue!!)Sue, Cheltenham

For After Care and more Information about Botox: